PiersDec2014 Piers Le Sueur

Tranquility through Creativity

I find that the process of creation gives me much peace and comfort especially when I feel anxious and have a lot on my mind. It is this tranquility and feeling of peace that I hope my work can translate to the viewer through allowing the viewer’s imagination to run free and take them to another place if for just a
brief moment in time.

Please feel free to contact me with your comments or interest. I am more than happy to take commissions or make prints available.

Art has been Piers’ creative outlet since he was old enough to hold a mark making instrument. Due to this passion for the arts he has successfully enjoyed a career in the creative industry spanning over 20 years focused in the Print/Graphic Design area. After a change in times and a new outlook, Piers decided to leave the industry to become a full time working fine artist.

Through the years he has developed his skills and talent to encompass photography, digital art and design, realist graphite drawings and more recently abstract surrealist work in graphite, watercolor, colored pencil and recently oils.

In 2014 he successfully participated in the inaugural Christchurch Art Show, receiving sales and commissions alike.

On completion of an Art and Creativity Diploma, through The Learning Connexion in Wellington in 2014, Piers set out to achieve an Art and Creativity Diploma (Honors) and is currently expecting completion of this in late 2015.

Piers main inspiration comes from the environment around him as well incorporating expressive feelings and emotions which feature strongly in his work. It is this style that ignites the imagination of the viewer, bringing forth feelings of warmth and childlike wonder.

Ooops I just discovered I didn’t enable comments here.. sorry about that, hey if you’ve made it this far please say hi! 🙂 Cheers


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