Hey! Would you like to follow my new/old blog??

Thank you so very very much! I really appreciate it!.. however..

I need you to do something for me… 

Incase you missed it, I have created a new website for all of my work that is self hosted and with my own domain…

2016-03-23 01.01.20

part of that includes a wordpress based blog that I now have appearing within my site, but is also a wordpress blog and it appears as a standalone blog at this address: http://vivanteart.com/wp/ and is also visible within my  website here  but here’s the thing… self hosted wordpress blogs work a little differently to wordpress.com ones..

If you wish to continue to follow me …

and keep up with my artwork and what’s generally happening in my life plus other stuff.. you need to go to the blog proper http://vivanteart.com/wp/ and on the left hand side subscribe to receive email notifications of my new posts.. I am hoping to be much less procrastinatey (I don’t think that’s a proper word?) I have another important post I want to share with you very very soon… another sort of rebirth/reboot/restart… as life has taken another not unseen twist.. and moving through the twist could prove to be very challenging for me – but could ultimately lead me to a better place.. and that’s all I’ll say but it would be really great to have you aboard.. if not that’s fine, I understand.. but you may or may not see the posts float past in reader and that’s cool..

Oh and I had better mention… I had to get my the desktop version of my website completed fairly quickly and didn’t quite have the time to make it adaptive or responsive.. so if you do visit on a device other than a desktop or laptop I do apologize if you get something not what you were expecting.. I’m hoping to get this sorted in the next week or so.. fingers crossed!!!

Thank you for your time! and keep creating! you’re all fantastically talented!

Kind Regards

Ooops I just about forgot – I had to change the style/theme to better fit in with the website.. it’s very quite clean and simple now… just in case you were wondering… LOL!

Oh and very last thing.. if you’re already getting notifications etc.. I apologize again.. I’m not very savvy with how these things work, but I’m sure in time it will sort itself out.. thank you again…