Exciting NEWS and Moving digital house!

Hey there.. remember last post when I said I had some more news? well here it is…

My new blog address is vivanteart.com/wp – I plan to add a domain for that soon.

Item 1: From the 1st March 2016 I will be sharing exhibition space at ExpozArt in Rollestion, near Christchurch, New Zealand for the entire month of March. I am very hopeful that I can sell some pieces to help me on my way to being able to afford a trip to America later in the year! Plus I will be a part of another exhibition later in the month – more on that later.

Item 2: I have been working hard over the last 10 days building a new website!!! self hosted with a new domain and everything! I have also bought my wordpress blog onto the same server and domain.. My drive to become more established as a serious artist and a serious artpreneur!!! LOL! I am very happy with the design I ended up with. It was what I really wanted when I started this site/blog but I wasn’t able to find the right (Free) theme at the time.. it’s a little rough and there’s a few things missing but I have the tools now to be able to add to it and update it as I can. I hope you like it.. and to go with the website and the shows I have also procured some new business cards of which I am also very pleased with!

Here they are…

2016-02-25 01.56.43

and here’s a screen shot of the website.. check it out here at vivanteart.com



6 thoughts on “Exciting NEWS and Moving digital house!

      • Yeah I did see … though I think I’ll have to try and remember to have another look! Yeah they’re great pencils! Have you thought about buying a small pack of 12 or 24 perhaps then just buy a few as you can seeing as they’re available singly here they’re about $2.60 each.. and gradually build up the collection! I did that with the polys (polychromos )

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      • That’s a really good thought. Been trying to cut back on my art supplies purchases though. The acrylics are opening up a whole new avenue of spending all by themselves lol. Really love the effects you’re getting with those pencils but not to say I could get the same hehe. 💛

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      • I hear you on the materials! My art store is my favorite place! But I always make sure whatever I get is something I really need! Cool that you’re having fun with the acrylics! There’s a lot I want to do with oils and acrylics but I can’t where I’m at due to a lot of factors (See blog post) best thing with the pencils is to play! I love combining colors dry then adding the water and you get some lovely textures happening! I’m off to sleep now.. 😉

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