Exciting NEWS and Moving digital house!

Hey there.. remember last post when I said I had some more news? well here it is…

My new blog address is vivanteart.com/wp – I plan to add a domain for that soon.

Item 1: From the 1st March 2016 I will be sharing exhibition space at ExpozArt in Rollestion, near Christchurch, New Zealand for the entire month of March. I am very hopeful that I can sell some pieces to help me on my way to being able to afford a trip to America later in the year! Plus I will be a part of another exhibition later in the month – more on that later.

Item 2: I have been working hard over the last 10 days building a new website!!! self hosted with a new domain and everything! I have also bought my wordpress blog onto the same server and domain.. My drive to become more established as a serious artist and a serious artpreneur!!! LOL! I am very happy with the design I ended up with. It was what I really wanted when I started this site/blog but I wasn’t able to find the right (Free) theme at the time.. it’s a little rough and there’s a few things missing but I have the tools now to be able to add to it and update it as I can. I hope you like it.. and to go with the website and the shows I have also procured some new business cards of which I am also very pleased with!

Here they are…

2016-02-25 01.56.43

and here’s a screen shot of the website.. check it out here at vivanteart.com



At last some new art…. Plus more news shortly

Hi there readers… I know I haven’t posted anything for a wee while, I have been somewhat stranded between busy and procrastinating badly! more about that in my next post.. but to whet some appetites here’s some new art..

I finished this drawing a few days ago.. I especially enjoyed using the 6B pencil on the sky area..

lifesmountain007And these two… “Little Orange Vespa” are 6 x 4 heavy CP watercolor paper. My reference image was thanks to Unsplash.com and one of them (the first one) is on it’s way to the Twitter Art Exhibit in New York! at last I can do something more with my art.. helping others..

2016-02-04 11.58.01