What I do often while I’m watching YouTubes

Hi there, I thought I’d share this little one, this is what I do a lot of the time while I’m watching Art and Photography youtubes… in my wee moleskine sketchbook.

"Watching" #1


6 thoughts on “What I do often while I’m watching YouTubes

    • Heh.. thanks – it’s quite strange in a way that I get into a good groove with my own art if I have an art tutorial running while I’m working.. or generally doodling while I’m working… I have amassed a collection of different subscriptions – most are art how-tos/tutorials in different media as well as a good amount of photography stuff.. then some comedy (Old brit coms) and the like plus some music.. oh and some lego stuff.. though I only tend to watch the Starwars lego build especially the new EP7 stuff… also I am considering on making my own youtubes but I’m trying to think of a way to set the camera properly in my space.. I have read your about page.. I need to somehow re do mine.. no one leaves messages on mine..

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      • Thank you so much for responding, you have an awesome hobby. I think once you’re ready to make your tutorial it is going to be fantastic. Thank you very much for reading my about page. I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it. It was literally a stream of conscious mess. It’s like when you’re making a sandwich and you can’t decide what toppings to leave off. x

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      • You’re welcome.. however I need to correct you in that, what I do is NOT a hobby.. do I come across like it is??? An artist is what I am, it’s what I do, I think I’m a freelance designer and a fine artist and trying hard to make it… I don’t think I’m made to be employed by someone else these days.. my full abstracts are pretty much stream of consciousness – you just allowed me to discover I’d left the add comments button off.. so hopefully some people might say hi there now.. who knows.. but this is the journey I am on..

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      • I meant YouTube was the hobby. Watching cooking videos is a hobby for me since it’s something to do to pass the time. I’m terrible at communication today. I know that you are a full-time artist. I understood that from the beginning. I’m happy to have met you. x

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      • Ahhh no problem – honestly I probably wasn’t receiving what you were saying correctly viewing YouTube as a hobby was something I hadn’t thought of as my use for it is mostly self educational – thank you for dropping into my sphere always good to make new friends! 😉

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