Post Hiatus Drawing

I had a bad month just gone… with over three weeks of no creation whatsoever, so I created this piece to get warmed up to creating again, pencil and watercolor in my Watercolor Moleskine Sketchbook/Journal



9 thoughts on “Post Hiatus Drawing

      • How long did it take you to get to the point that you were producing work that is this (frankly) cool? It feels Iike a very dumb question but it is really interesting. Yet when I sit down to create something that’s inspired by something you did… looks like a non-creative 5 year-old did it! I’m trying to find my own style and wondering how long that takes. You’ve definitely found yours!

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      • That’s an interesting question Laura, I actually started a long time ago.. I have a lot of energy in my fingers and when I was either on the phone or watching TV I’d doodle with a biro just shapes and lines.. almost scribbles… then at one point back in 2012 I just sat down and filled a whole 8 x 11 paper with pencil and I did a few of those… then in early 2013 I met my girlfriend and she thought they were amazing so I did more and as I have done more they have evolved – both in their form and execution. I also wanted to add color – I love the forms I can get with using pencil, but it got to the point where I wanted to do more in color.. So the advice I would give is… don’t concentrate – don’t over think just let the shapes and forms flow from you try and let it be natural… and the technical execution that’s just practice the more you do the better you’ll get… but it takes time for things to evolve – when I started my first art course I didn’t have a clue of what my style was going to be or anything but as I went along and I saw other artists work that I liked it all kind of just evolved… artists never stop your work will continue to change and evolve as time goes on… it’s not a quick process you need to be patient with yourself and just keep experimenting! I’ve enjoyed seeing the watercolors you’ve been posting! keep it up! I hope this has been of some help… I’m still trying to work out (apart from the pure abstract) what my preferred subject matter is!!! it’s all a journey!

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