Contemplation finished

Well here it is.. I managed to find the creative energy to complete this over the course of today… keeping working and “fronting up” is something I am trying hard to work on… anyway I hope you enjoy it..



7 thoughts on “Contemplation finished

  1. It’s stunning!!! Seriously, it’s awesome. I see birds, boats, mountains, skies, and I love all the eyes. Wow!! Love all of your line work and all the shading within each shape. Is this watercolor paint, not pencils, right?

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    • Thanks funnily enough I was going to do something planned from a photo but my pen took over did this instead the style has become quite a homologation of my previous abstract stuff, work of other artists and a wanting to be more representational and it’s Durer watercolor pencils! 🙂 but I do plan my next piece to use some serious watercolor paints! Thank you again!

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      • Wow, I have got to get those pencils!!! I’m amazed at how paint like this looks. Man! I just love everything about this. I’m so glad your pen took over. I’d love to just spend a day with this painting in front of me and let it inspire me to do something cool like this! I’m so glad I found you on WP. Really inspiring stuff!!

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