Hi I started this one a few days ago… I’ve completed more of it but I’ve been busy in other areas of my life lately so I’ll post another shot when I’ve completed more..



5 thoughts on “Contemplation

      • My pleasure! I may try a few more abstracts. It fascinates me (well, along with everything else), and I’ve always admired your work. I try now to really look and analyze what others are doing so I can try and learn from artists whose work I enjoy.

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      • I’m flattered! 🙂 I was talking to my course mentor the other day and I told her that there were quite a few different artists and designers that I love but instead of copying them I just look at their work and hopefully their influence affects my unique style hopefully I can call it that! 🙂

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      • Oh I think your style is very unique. It stands out, no doubt.

        We probably all do that, or hopefully so. Otherwise, how do we grow? I think it’s a marvelous melting pot here. We do stew in each other’s juices, somewhat. Hehe

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