Dream Machine – A warm up

Well I had a great time the other day and got some great photos at the big Mustang Car Show here in Christchurch, New Zealand… and I’ve felt inspired to experiment a bit and do some loose ink and watercolor images based on the photos.. so I thought I’d make a start by doing a loose pencil rendition of the photo I took of the 2015 model Mustang.. just to warm up … I hope you like it.. #drawing #pencil #ford #mustang


A Start in Oils

Hi again.. I just wanted to share.. this my very first touch with oil paints..

Here is my work space all primed and ready to go… I thought I’d start by using the palette knife seen at bottom right amongst the virgin tubes of paint!

And here is the canvas with the pain applied so far, actually I had completed more after this was taken… I loved how the paint felt on my brush against the canvas, almost intoxicating! but wow I wasn’t quite ready for how long the paint takes to dry!!!! I want to get more color on there, but with what’s there still wet I know I’ll have to wait! so anyway I think I’ve made a nice enough background of sorts.. I have no idea where it’s going to end up.. it’s just a play to get used to the paint..

Thanks for reading.. I’ll hopefully post another update once I’ve added some more.. 🙂

Just another word about REBOOTING MY LIFE… and my work

I just want to share this with you.. because it resonates so very much with my situation.

A video made by Brand Consultant Debbie Millman – about reconnecting with what you love to do, what your heart and soul needs you to do.. The video posted within Adobe Inspire eZine.. the whole idea that you get to a point and realize that a long time ago you made a wrong turn, a wrong choice not necessarily a bad choice, well maybe bad in that it has lead to an unfulfilling point in ones life much further down the track.

I got to that point – after over 20 years in the Graphic Design industry… where I did okay but couldn’t progress any further than I did, consequently my pay never got anything near decent and neither did the satisfaction of what I produced. It seemed that for that time I just kept banging my head on the wall as I let my head lead my life. It wasn’t working, nothing improved.

Then something happened. We endured some serious earthquakes which literally shook up the whole place I lived. A short while later I got laid off from a secure(ish) but poorly paid job I had had for over 19 years.. a few months later I did manage to find another job, but I got made redundant from that one too… finding work after that was – well just seemed like an impossibility.

But then something else happened. Well two actually – my domestic/relationship situation changed which became the catalyst for the other thing, I had a huge epiphany! FOLLOW MY HEART!!! I asked myself, what do I need? what do I want? what makes me HAPPY!????? I realised that I am always happiest creating! I look back and instead of taking a financially secure path through commercial art/graphic design, I should have gone to University and done a BA.. and followed a path of fine art. The path that I have only now put myself on!

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN!! and be happy!!!!!

I now have BIG DREAMS!..  BIG GOALS! I have found the courage, skill and imagination to travel a path that I can not see ahead.. but what I do know is that I am VERY HAPPY doing what I am doing now… my art skills are improving all the time! Everything seems to be in a good flow.. opportunities and doors seem to be opening for me small as they maybe to me – I am confident these small things will grow to become bigger things… the events happening to me now give me confidence to continue forward, and vindication that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and if I may say again feeling incredibly happy!

This is my story and how I feel.. but I couldn’t help think how similar I have felt to Debbie….

If I had a message – it would be DO WHAT YOU LOVE! and if you’re not, FIND A WAY TO DO IT!!

Thank you Debbie and Adobe for your video..

Adobe inspire: Fail: Debbie Millman

This is it – The Reboot!


Yep! I’ve had that coffee cup THIS LONG!!! LOL!

well I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted last.. I was aiming to be more regular than I have been… the terrible truth is I can procrastinate, but I don’t think that’s all of it.. I finished my Diploma of Art and Creativity! I think I did very well… and things have come together well as far as some direction is concerned.. my skills have gotten better and I’m slowly getting myself out there and getting some good support from some local people.

If you would like to see the work I’ve done over the year or so, you can see it here at my current top most portfolio site.. www.vivanteart68.see.me

Having completed that course, I’m on to the next Diploma of Art and Creativity Honors

So moving onwards… I’ve made some good strides, having sold one of my pieces at the Christchurch Art Show, held in June… that made me very happy and vindication of the path I have chosen for myself!

I’m just keeping on, doing my best to get myself out there – seen and hopefully liked.

I thought I’d share a couple of my latest pieces of work… just to get things started..

I completed this drawing a little while ago, but started it between courses..

I called it “Optimism”
I’m not too sure why – it’s the word that popped into my head when I was trying to come up with a name for it.. 
Then I decided to just create something small in color and came up with this piece, and yes I know that eye is a bit creepy – I have no idea why eyes creep in to these pieces I create.. but there you go…
“Wild Eye” is small only 7″ x 5″ Faber Castell Polychromos on Fabriano Watercolor paper
Next piece is “Optimism” in color! I traced and transferred the outlines to a piece of Arches Heavy watercolor paper (Smooth) I was very pleased with the way the colors came up nice and punchy!
Faber Castell Polychromos and Durer pencils on Arches Heavy Watercolor smooth
I finished this last week.
And yesterday – I decided I needed to do something with a looser line to it, maybe a bit more energy and virve.. so I got my Pitt Pens out, and my old Faber Castell Classic Watercolor pencils and my Art Journal and gave it a go and here’s the result – I took a photo of it completed with the dry pencil before I went in and used the water on it…. As you can see in the second image… 
So here you are.. next I am planning to start using oils for the very first time.. perhaps that will be a good thing to make a blog post of… ??
Anyway – that’s it for now, I’ve made a start, I hope I can maintain the discipline to keep it up… I think I am going to make another post when I start my oils journey – I have all the materials I need, I just need to get going with it.. if you’ve read this, this far THANK YOU for reading I really do appreciate it.. don’t be shy, say hello and leave me a comment! I’d love to hear from you!